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Are you a fast-talking business man or woman? Aggressive, passionate and observant? Well, despite your business acumen, you most probably will need a business consultant at some point during your career; Maybe at the start of your business or to make changes to adapt to altering markets. According to Joe Gross of Joe Gross Marketing, Inc., (previously of MWBEzone.com),

“A business consultant should be knowledgeable, experienced, and trust-worthy. In addition, the business consultant should have an understanding of the field of the product.”

Characteristics of a Business Consultant

Without these characteristics in your consultant, you will find lack-luster results in your business growth. It is important for a business consultant to be knowledgeable. You are depending on them, so don’t let the tables flip.

Find someone who knows what they are doing and can work with you to write a thorough business plan. This means they should have managed their own successful business and have knowledge of how to write the following sub documents:

  • executive summary
  • company description
  • market analysis
  • organization and management
  • service or product line
  • marketing and sales
  • funding request
  • financial projections, and
  • appendix.

According to Joe Gross:

“The most important thing a business needs to know about writing a business plan is to have a complete understanding and vision of what they want to achieve. This means their goals in business. They should want and need a financial understanding of costs and profit margins as well as have steps A-Z in place.”

Next, it is necessary for the business consultant to be experienced. Without prior experience, a consultant may not know how to problem-solve. For example, your business may have a very unique aspect to it that should be highlighted both in the business plan and in marketing strategies. An inexperienced consultant may look over this fact.

Finally, it is important for a consultant to be trust-worthy. If he/she is spreading confidential information about your company to competitors or the public at large, it can be disconcerting. More than that, it can be damaging. This is why it is important to look for trust in your relationship with your business consultant.

Also, the consultant should have a good understanding of the market in which you will be burgeoning. It is incumbent upon the business to include a market analysis in their business plan. Your consultant should research your market and your competitors. He/she should look into the available sales records of competitors or established companies and communicate to you what to expect. If you have questions, contact Joe Gross at 718-435-6250.

Hiring a Consultant Simplified:

If you want some tips on how to hire a business consultant, check out this book on kindle: Hiring a Consultant Simplified: A Strategic Planning Approach by Christopher Kern. This book will help a small business to decide on a business consultant. It will help you to decide on the scope of work defined for the consultant and how he or she can help you accomplish your business goals.

Be Picky

Be discerning when searching for a business consultant. Don’t settle for someone who only puts in half the effort. If you follow Joe’s formula, you should find a reliable consultant with whom your business can grow. A good business consultant will even help you figure out a crowdfunding project for your small business at Uhelpfund. He/she will help you decide from the 100 categories to match your project. Or, they may refer you to MWBEzone.com to help you search for and apply to grants.

Grants and Crowdfunding

Searching for small business grants on MWBEzone will lead you to the pricing page of GrantWatch.com, the parent company of MWBEzone, to subscribe for one of the reasonable pricing plans in order to read the entire grant and apply. Grants can help fund your business, without debt. And at MWBEzone, you will find grants tailored for women and minority business owners. You can even find government contracts there!

Crowdfunding is like opening up a fundraising campaign. Contributions come from all over, depending on who views your campaign. At Uhelpfund, you will display pictures or videos to depict your organization’s cause. If you are looking for start-up funds for your business.

You may choose a variety of up to 6 categories like below and include categories that describe your business:

What a great idea to use crowdfunding to pay for your business consultant!

About the Author: MWBEzone.com Staff Writer with contributions from Joe Gross. The consultant Joe Gross of Joe Gross Marketing, Inc. can be reached at 718-435-6250.

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