Personal vs. Professional Life

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Where do YOU draw the line between your personal and professional social media pages? Learn to set some boundaries!

First, have separate accounts or pages for your business and personal life. Do you really want a one-time customer to know when your daughter got married? Or when she had her first child? Some things should remain private. You don’t want business contacts on your personal page or vice versa. Employees and partners should be on your professional business page, not your personal one. 

Second, on your business page, you don’t have to accept every friend request, contact, or follower. If they seem dangerous, block them. You do not want a "friends list" with strangers who might potentially be harmful to your business.

A good rule of thumb is:  if you know them personally, add them.

If they are a 2nd or 3rd degree connection, examine their profile and see if your interests match. Most likely, you’ll end up adding them, too. But, if they are complete strangers, make sure you look at their profile to see what types of posts they make. If for instance, if they often post profane language, offensive messages, or radical political views, you should steer clear of them on your professional pages.

Third, always think twice before hitting the Post, Tweet, or Share buttons. As a business, you must always present yourself in a professional manner and take the high road in confrontation.

Fourth, when you are confused by a post or message from someone else, ask for clarification. It is very easy to misconstrue something via text or online messaging. If someone is clearly trying to offend you, it is best to solve the problem off social media. If you respond to an irate customer in an agitating way, it could open you up to a flurry of criticism. If possible, talk face-to-face.

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