Infuse Our National Economy

Are you a small business looking for grants? Maybe your loans are drying up and business is a little slow. Get a grant to help boost your funds! MWBEzone is your source for individual and small business grants for minorities and women. Specifically, we have grants for small business for economic development from multiple states.

Economic Development

There are a lot of ways to infuse a nation’s economy. One of those ways is the growth of small businesses. Small business can be improved upon in multiple ways. This can be done through small business technical assistance programs or job skills training and retraining programs. There are grants available for both forms of improvement and more. Subscribe to and read the grants details of the following grants listed at

Grant to a Delaware Nonprofit or For-Profit for a Web-Based Student Testing System

Grants and Tax Credits to Missouri Nonprofits and Businesses for Community Services and Revitalization

Grants to Connecticut Agencies and Businesses for Tie-Up Facilities for Recreational Boaters

Grants to Grand County, Utah Individuals, Businesses or Nonprofits to Increase Tourism

Grants to Kansas Nonprofits, Businesses for Preservation, Restoration of Historic Properties

Grants to Kansas Nonprofits, Businesses for Preservation, Restoration of Historic Properties

Grants to Maine Agricultural Producers for Farm Energy Conservation Assistance

Grants to Maine Nonprofits for Economic Development, Social Welfare and Community Enrichment

Grants to Miami Beach, Florida Nonprofits and For-Profits for Programs that Promote Local Tourism Year-Round

Grants to Montana Nonprofits and Businesses for Historical, Philosophical and Ethics Programs

Grants to Sweetwater County, Wyoming Nonprofits to Promote Tourism Locally
Grants to USA, Canada and International Nonprofits for Research that Benefits Latin Americans
Grants to USA, Canada, and International Research Institutions for Research on New Alzheimer's Drugs

Grants to Vermont Agencies, Boatyards, and Marinas to Improve Leisure Boat Facilities

Grants to Vermont Agencies, Marinas for New or Enhanced Leisure Boat Pumpout Stations

Grants to Washington, DC Nonprofits, For-Profits, and Agencies for Early Childcare Outreach and Resources

Grants to Washington, DC Nonprofits, For-Profits, and Public Agencies to Improve Childcare Quality

Grants to Yukon Nonprofits, Businesses, and Individuals for Tourism Professional Development
Prize to an EU or Foreign Individual, Organization, or Nonprofit for a Novel Medical Test


Economic Development

Read Economic Development from the State and Local Perspective by David J. Robinson. In this book, the author discusses how public to private partnerships and strategies originating from state and local levels help to create new jobs and reinvigorate the economy. is a sister-site to MWBEzone and the primary grant search engine. Every grants at MWBEzone redirects you to a GrantWatch ID. In order to view the entire details of the grant, subscribe to GrantWatch for one of the pricing and plans. 

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