Guide to Fundraising Your Small Business

So, you have the vision for your business, and you are ready to make it happen. Where do you begin? First things first, write it on paper! Your vision, mission statement, location, number of employees, budget, etc. Writing puts things in perspective.

Let's talk about grants. "Woohoo free money!!" Before applying for grants, you need what's called a DUNS number. This is a nine digit number for each physical location of your business. Pretty much a Social Security Number for your business. Grants are like gifts, well, that's if you have the right qualifications. Make sure you know whether you want to be a nonprofit or for-profit organization.  Do not allow this procedure to become overwhelming. It is all part of the process. Be confident! There are a lot of great companies waiting to help you find the right grant and provide you with knowledge on the available grants.  One company at the top of that list is

At you can find information on available grants. You can even promote your new business on and find tips on how to apply for grants! Searching on might lead you to, a subsidiary of There, you can also find real grants for businesses by clicking on “Business” on the selection to the right of the screen.

Deadlines are fast approaching so move quickly! For instance, a grant for mentorship of Israeli early-stage start up companies will stop taking applications on March 31, 2016. But, there are still other grants with deadlines in April or later in the year. So, take a look!

And for more information on how to apply for grant money for your business, check out this book titled How to Get FREE Government Grant Money for Almost Anything by Danielle Green. You can find it on for a very reasonable price. It may also help guide you through the process of searching for and applying for the right grants for your business. 
Now your business doors are opened. Yes, you did it!! Customers are coming in and you want them to continue to come in. Here's the best way to achieve this. What I'm about to say seems like common sense but so many companies FAIL at this. Customer Service. Yes I said it! This is huge! You have to show customers that they are appreciated. Humble yourselves. You need them and they want you. I don't need to tell you to be kind and courteous these are things we know, but as humans sometimes we forget.

In my experience with working with customers for a little over a decade, trust me they like to be finessed. Now you have your loyal customers and business is going well.

Don't forget to build your empire. Yes word of mouth is wonderful but make sure you continuously market yourself. Dont get comfortable. Social media is our friend. Post, post, post, and post some more. And get involved with your community. Hope this is helpful for you. I know it's it may seem impossible but it's NOT. You've got this!

About the Author: Tracy Berry is a customer support specialist at She loves equipping people with knowledge to help better themselves. She empowers people to go after their vision.

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