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Are you in agriculture and looking for the appropriate grants? Check out for grants in Farming/Agriculture. There, you’ll find grants and awards for conservation activities, agricultural techniques, and continued education.


Agriculture was a driving force of human civilization. It was and is the practice of cultivating animals, plants, and other products for food. Without safe and effective farming and agriculture, we would not have food on our dinner tables. According to the USDA, the number one crop in America is corn. This is followed by cotton and wool.

If you’re considering starting an agricultural business, MWBEzone is also the place to be. We get many calls from people wanting to start up farming or agricultural businesses. So, if you fall into that category, check out the grants and awards we have listed.




Grants and Awards

At, you will find relevant grants and awards for established agricultural organizations and startups. For example, here are some contracts available now:

Grants to Wyoming Agricultural Producers to Enhance Crop Production and Conserve Water

Deadline: 08/01/2016

Awards to Indiana Farmers for Outstanding Agricultural Techniques and Community Service

Deadline: 08/01/2016

Grants to Kentucky Individual Farmers for Resources and Continued Education in Agriculture

Deadline 1: 08/01/16; Deadline 2: 10/01/16; Deadline 3: 12/01/16; Deadline 4: 02/01/17

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