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As a small business owner, it is important to remember how you started. And if you’re a new business owner or want to open a business, it is important to know how to start. MWBEzone.com is where to find grants for small businesses and startups. Here are some pointers any entrepreneur can find useful:

1) Save!

Make sure that you have enough money for the present and the future. You have bills to pay and employees to compensate. Make sure you can afford at least 6 months of bills and paychecks into the future. Having this leeway gives you piece of mind and prepares you for lulls in business. Let’s say your income falls one month, as opposed to the month before. If you have the rent money saved, you can still afford to keep your storefront.

2) Eliminate Bad Employees

Don’t hesitate to do so. You are a brand and your employees are your brand’s face. If your face is marred, how does that make your brand look? Don’t wait to fire bad employees who reverse sales and do things like recommending your competitor! You can’t get rid of these guys fast enough. Make room for employees who will drive sales and don’t let your customer leave empty-handed.

3) Motivate Good Employees

On the flip side, provide adequate motivation for your top performing employees. Keep them challenged with incentives and compensate them. For example, providing commission is a great way to incentivize your workers. If they know money is on the line, they are sure to work harder, smarter, and faster. Remember to follow through on your promises of commission. Don’t tell them they will receive extra cash for a task and then change the task. Getting commission shouldn’t be a game of cat and mouse for your employees.

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4) Be Decisive

As a business owner, you will field all sorts of questions so, it’s important to be clear. When you answer a question about a service that you do not provide, it’s OK to say “no” and try to provide an alternative. If you are wishy-washy and unclear about whether or not you can help the customer, they will just be left confused. Most probably, they will return to ask you, again. In other cases, it is best to decisively say “yes,” when you do carry a product or service a customer asks about. No sense to beat around the bush, then, right? Make the sale!

5) The Customer’s Always Right

You may already know this but – live by it. If you failed to carry a product or provide a service that was promised, own up to it. Never enter a dispute with the customer. Provide possible dates the product or service will be available. And if a product or service was provided but, not to the customer’s satisfaction, ask how you can make them happy.


MWBEzone is for small business owners and individuals across the nation. Originally, it was started for minority and women business owners but it has now become the go-to place for small business grants. Remember to search using the categories, geographic focus, and funding source.

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