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With a 62.7% increase of minorities enrolled in 4-year universities, studies show minorities are still underrepresented in higher educational institutions. Grants are available at for individual minorities and on for IHE, Institutes for Higher Education looking to provide minority higher education programs to increase the involvement of minorities in higher education activities.

Minorities More Prominent

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in the fall of 1998, 6,228,052 white students enrolled in 4-year universities compared to 1,983,275 minorities. Fast forward to the fall of 2008 when 7,269,860 white students enrolled in 4-year universities compared to 3,226,979 minorities. There was a 62.7% change from 1998 to 2008 among minorities enrolled in 4-year universities. This is a huge improvement.

Differences Are Still Apparent

Representative differences are still apparent. For instance, only 27% of the population enrolled in 4-year universities in the fall of 2008 were minorities compared to the 60% majority of white enrollees. Plus, research evidence points to the fact that minority, low-income, and first generation populations, are worried about acquiring debt through school.

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Grants are an award and are non-repayable. If you’re an IHE or an individual minority looking to fund your education, search for grants for higher education and for minorities at or

(We add new grants daily)

Higher Education and the Color Line

With grants like these, minorities can fulfill their dreams of higher education. Let’s raise the percentage of minorities enrolling in 4-year universities, together! To learn more about the political climate of education in America, read the following book: Higher Education and the Color Line: College Access, Racial Equity, and Social Change by Gary Orfield, Patricia Marin, and Catherine L. Horn. In this book, the authors discuss the racial conversion in higher education as well as basic occlusions that maintain racial hierarchy in postsecondary education.

MWBEzone and GrantWatch

Both are search engines that have categories for grants for minorities and women. There, you can find grants that fit under a variety of categories. If you’re an IHE looking to support the education of minorities and women, check it out!

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