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Pam Thomas, a generous individual of Chattanooga, Tennessee, is offering to sponsor three (3) free subscriptions to GrantWatch.com! She raised enough money, in a group effort at her church, The Rock Metropolitan Community Church. Each subscription is a $78 value for a 3-month subscription.


When asked why she chose to give something away, Pam answered that she sees a lot of poverty in Chattanooga. She noticed the costs to have access to grants and understood that people in inner city or rural areas may not have the funds for the service.

“They don’t have the opportunity to apply for grants and I want to help,” she said.

She sited that she sees a lot of homeless and disabled while volunteering at her local church. In fact, GrantWatch.com lists a related grant:

Intensive Business Course and Mentoring Program for USA Veterans with Disabilities

Deadline: Ongoing


Pam had been looking for opportunities to help her fellow man and met with her Mayor. She recited to the Mayor, the old adage,

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” Particularly, Pam wants people to have funds to start a business. She thought GrantWatch.com would be the opportunity for that.

GrantWatch.com does list grants for startups. Normally, you have to be a paid subscriber to do an advanced search for this, but we will link them here.


Pam wants to give her subscriptions to members of 3 specific groups:

  1. The LGBT community
  2. The African American community
  3. Veterans

Pam is a member of the LGBT community, herself.

She sees where the disparities are and admits, “There is not a lot of opportunity for LGBT individuals.”

She feels the same way about gangs. She identified the area surrounding her church in Chattanooga, as a poor African American neighborhood. They are riddled with gangs and feels that if an individual had an opportunity, they could lift themselves out of the environment.

Veterans have also proven to her to be a group in need, in Chattanooga. While volunteering for her church in the winter, she gave away winter products and hygiene products and noticed that a considerable portion of the homeless population were veterans. She also has a close friend who was a member of the army and has struggled to find work after leaving.

“This is a way to give back to veterans.”


MWBEzone.com is meant for minority and female individuals. Pam did not want to exclude females from her offer. She said that women can be a part of any of those groups. Grants at MWBEzone.com are linked to GrantWatch.com. So, a subscription at GrantWatch.com would enable you to apply for grants at MWBEzone.com.

Pam’s offer is open until all three subscriptions are taken. If you’re in the Chattanooga or north Georgia area and interested in her offer, call our office at (561)249-4129.

About the Author: Staff Writer also writes for GrantWatch.com and its affiliates.

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  1. My spouse and I are very interested in grants. He is 29 with an 8 year old. I am 38 and returning to UTC after a 20 year absence due to the death of my boyfriend that the UTC would not acknowledge. Please consider us for a free subscription. I’ve already seen several grants that would be useful. Thank you!

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