Contracts Awarded

  • NYS Early Intervention Program Services
  • Translation and Interpretation Services
  • SEIS Special Education Itinerant Services
  • Article 28, Diagnostic & Treatment Center

Curriculum Written

  • Global Education Preschool Curriculum (GEPC)
  • The Gilder-Lehman Institute, NYC Birth of a Nation (Grade 4)
  • Balanced Literacy Reader's & Writer's Workshop Project (Grades 2 & 3)
  • America's Choice Literacy Project

Miscellaneous Writings

  • Feature Article Writer for Magazines
  • Web Text for Commercial Websites
  • SBA Loans/Business Plans
  • Resumes
  • Press Releases
  • Campaign Literature

Grant Reviewer/Field Reader

  • Strengthening Institutions, Office of Postsecondary Education
  • Child Care Access Means Parents in School Program
  • Early Childhood Educator Professional Development Program

Grants Written and Awarded (Sampling)

Alternative Family Education, Drug Free Schools$380,028

Alzheimer's Care Program, Haym Solomon$8,500

Alzheimer's Respite Care & Training Program$30,000

Community Youth Development Grant$60,000

Drug Free Schools and Communities$200,000

Drug Free Schools Federal Activities Grant$351,756

EDWAA Retraining Program, Dept of Employment$640,000

English Literacy, Title VII$172,657

Family Systems Theory, Drug Free Schools$293,771

Fleet Bank Improved School Spaces$2,000

Fund for Innovation, NYS$50,000

Gruss Foundation Planning Grant$6,000

HHS Youth Gang Drug Prevention$150,000

HHS Youth Gang Drug Prevention Program$210,000

Holocaust Books for Public School Libraries$30,000

Increasing Access to Care, United Hospital Fund$80,000

ISS LEP (10) Summer School Grants, NYS LEP (9) School Year Grants, NYS$152,000

JTPA Title II Training Program, Dept of Employment$800,000

Multicultural Education, NYC$30,000

New York City Parent Centers, NYS Ed Department$300,000

Nonprofit Security Grant Program: UASI-NSGP (each)$75,000

NYC Home Health AidesPendingNYS Primary Care Initiative$250,000

Parenting Education Program, NYS$68,000

Staten Island Foundation Children's Literacy Project$25,000

Staten Island's Child Health Plus, NYS DOH$700,000

Targeted Primary Prevention Demonstration, OSAP$139,660

Targeted Primary Prevention, OSAP$144,122

Title VII Family English Literacy$172,657

Title VII Special Populations$180,000

Title VII Transitional Programs$148,681

Urban Areas Security Initiative (3 grants funded)$800,000